SEO for Web Design

The Best SEO Begins Well Before the Website Goes Live

If you are considering an update of your current website or you’re in the process of creating a brand new website, you need to take SEO into account at the early stages of the web project life cycle, and plan for SEO well before the design process even begins. While you can optimize existing websites, the best SEO is only available when it is an integral part of early stages of the web design project.
At 312Media we won’t even start the graphical portion of the web design process until we’ve have covered a complete keyword discovery and mapping phrase. We hold off the graphic artist until we know exactly what keywords and phrases we will target, what call to actions are needed, and what the sitemap will look like. That way you’re designing around core SEO fundamentals and optimising the user experience all in one. You’re building good SEO from the ground up and not backtracking and trying to fill holes within your sitemap or website architecture.

Steps for Optimal SEO in Web Design

• Develop initial targeted keywords list
• Prepare map of new website based on targeted keywords
• Create the navigation structure and content silos to align with keywords and the sitemap
• Build blog categories and tags based on keyword list
• Add keyword rich and optimised website copy
• Build internal links or deep SEO friendly links within pages
• Create unique meta tags, titles, and descriptions for each web page and post to get the most out of SEO
• Update meta titles, descriptions, and tags across web pages and blog posts
• Prepare the sitemap.xml file
• Submit XML sitemaps to Google, Yahoo, and Bing

We are a web design company with the added benefit of being SEO experts all wrapped up in one tidy package, and while we love having projects that combine our two passions, we’re also more than happy to pitch in and help other web designers create an SEO friendly website. Regardless of the current internet marketing stage you are at, if you’re revamping your current website or starting fresh, we’re here to help make sure your website is highly optimized to garnish search traffic.

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