On-Page SEO

SEO Consultants and Web designers can have a different understanding of On-page SEO. We believe that search engine best practises should be used at every step in order to get quality results.

When choosing an SEO consultant or firm, make sure you have a full understand of their on-page SEO tactics.  The more you know, the more you can confirm that  your chosen SEO consulting team is on par with the industry and with your expectations.

Sample On-Page SEO Tactics   

  • Reassess Marketing Goals and Objectives
  • Identify Target Market
  • Focus Marketing Messaging and Branding
  • Re-evaluate the Existing Website’s Architecture
  • Re-evaluate Existing Website’s Available Content
  • Execute a Competitive Analysis
  • Execute Keyword Discovery
  • Prioritize Keywords and Phrases Based on Relevance and Search Volumes
  • Map Target Keywords to Individual Web Pages
  • Optimize Website Architecture for URL Usage and URL Length
  • Optimize Existing Content and/or Write New Content
  • Optimize Each Page and Blog Post for Keyword Usage, Headers, and Alt Tags
  • Craft Unique and Optimize Title Tags
  • Craft Unique and Optimize Description Meta Tags
  • Set up Rel=”Canonical”
  • Build Deep Links Between Blog Posts and Pages
  • construct an XML Sitemap
  • Submit XML Sitemap to Major Search Engines

On-Page SEO

The Key to Good On-page SEO is Not Being Able to Actually See the SEO

If its as obvious as the sun, then it’s bad SEO and probably in violation of one of the search engines guidelines.  Your visitors won’t like it and neither will the search engines. Your page rank and your ability to appear on the (SERP) search engine results page will be degraded.

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