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About Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing started out as a B2C (business to consumer) activity. Companies only ever considered social media as a marketing tool if they could use websites like Facebook and twitter to target local consumers. The social landscape has evolved and both B2C and B2B companies are realizing the power that social networks hold.

Social media increases branding and is also a catalyst for website traffic, it has an extremely powerful influence in general for search engine optimization. Both Google and Bing analyse social signals (social media data) for determining keyword ranking and the ordering of search results and personalisation of search queries. Social signals are a key part of overall inbound marketing and a hefty weapon for SEO consultants.

What’s your view of social media? Are you using Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to your advantage?  If you think it is a waste of time or marketing budget, you need to think again. It has quickly become a way of life for millions globally.

Key Statistics in Support of Social Media Marketing

  • According to Hubspot, the average budget spent on social media has doubled in two years.
  • According to businessinsider, 90% of customers will recommend brands after media interactions.
  • eMarketer claims nearly 2/3 of US Internet users regularly use a social network could this be a trend moving on to the rest of the world?.
  • Unisfair claims Social media was the leading “emerging channel” for lead gen in 2010.
  • McKinsey Global Institute believes 63% of companies using social media say it has increased marketing effectiveness.
  • Ad-ology states 57% of SMBs say social media is beneficial to their business.
  • Forbes Insights believes more than 1/2 of US SMBs say social media sites play an important role in active sales.

Social Media Marketing is a Must for SEO

Social Media and SEO go hand in hand

  • Google and Bing use social signals (likes, shares, and tweets) in evaluating search results.
  • Social media activity correlates with higher search engine rankings.
  • Google and Bing both modify your personal results based on your social circle.

Social Media Marketing

We’ll help you become Facebook, Twitter , Pinterest and Linkedin Gurus
With more than 21mllion Brits online ( its no wonder social media is paving the way for the best way to recommend anything, by word of the digital mouth. From getting you started on Facebook to #tagging on twitter we will help to provide you the tools to come accustomed with social media – We want to help your social media efforts become a success.

If you don’t have the time to manage your social media then we are happy to help you with it, let our social media experts engage and create you a strong following, they can help get you likes as well as retweets and repins.

We are flexible and are more then happy to build you a social media strategy based around your available resources and budget.

Contact us to see how we can use our  Social Media Marketing expertise to help your SEO

The Human Side of Marketing Through Social Media Websites

  • Everyone is on one or more social networks.
  • Social media websites generate inbound referrals to a website.
  • New prospects, leads, and customers do come from social media websites.
  • Social media websites play a key role in “referral recommendations,” from “who you know” they are affectively “advice from a reliable source” and are a must for any product or service.
  • Facebook is an excellent way to always stay connected to those around you giving you the opportunity to ensure they remember you the next time they need your products or services.
  • Twitter is an excellent way to make friends, influence people, and connect with industry leaders and the media.

So we ask, again what’s your view of social media?  If you’ve not yet taken the leap into social media marketing, you need to seriously ask yourself what you’re missing, because you are missing a lot of sales and marketing opportunities.

If you’d like help preparing a social media plan or need help in execution, we’re here to help.  We offer ongoing social media management get in touch to find out more of our Social Media Marketing Expertise.

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