White Hat SEO

We’re Proud to be Search engine compliant White Hat SEO Consultants

“What is White hat SEO”?

“White hat SEO is simply following the strict quality guidelines set forth by major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.”

Being white hat SEO compliant means you keep up to date on search engine guidelines, and replicate their instructions for creating quality content and strapping SEO, and you in reality follow the SEO best practices presented.

Google is completely transparent with what they consider to be best practices for websites and content. If you follow white hat SEO techniques, you stay up to date on this information and you make sure your actions abide by the rules.

Beneath the surface of SEO (aka the dark side of SEO) is “black hat SEO”. Amazingly enough there are still plenty of black hat SEO consultants who disguise themselves to be white hat SEOs. Google specifically describes what they consider to be illicit practices or black hat SEO. Such practices can lead to a website being removed entirely from their index. Or in other words, your website is penalized and it may be removed entirely from Google, thus not being available for search traffic.

Right now you’re probably wanting to know how you can tell a white hat SEO from their naughty black hat counterparts. It’s actually fairly easy:

White Hat SEO Tactics

  • Comprise of a well planned website, which is effortless to navigate through
  • Write quality content that is unique
  • Write for user experience and not the search engine spiders
  • Have accurate and unique meta descriptions and titles
  • Use accurate alt tags for images and links
  • Create an XML sitemap and submit it to the major search engines
  • Build off page branding and inbound links
  • Create a solid robot.txt file
  • Watch visitor bounce rates and improve content and/or formatting where needed

What is Black Hat SEO?

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